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About Our School

Why Shop From Us

“Walter Trupp’s personal signature goes into every dish you make!”

International three hat chef Michelin Star Walter Trupp is the passion & talent and his wife Anna Trupp with her extensive background in business management and qualification in business hospitality management is the organiser behind Trupp- THE CHEFS TABLE.

Originally established in 2011 (Trupp Cooking School 2011 to 2014), Walter and his wife Anna established Trupp- The Chefs Table cooking school together, along with on-line content reflecting Walters vast repertoire of food knowledge.

To view online cooking classes and courses, go to https://cookwithtrupponline.com

In addition to his exceptional culinary skills and knowledge, Walter has single-handedly created and written every cooking class available to you at the cooking school. Walter’s hands-on involvement from the creation to the preparation and execution of a cooking class means his personal signature goes into every dish you come to make, bringing the potential three hat chef out in you!

You may experience the art of cooking in an ultra modern kitchen that emphasizes fun, conversation, skill development, and healthy living.