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Improve and master your cooking skills with online courses singlehandedly created by highly awarded International three hat (18 points Gault et MILLAU) and Michelin Star Chef WALTER TRUPP.​

Trupp Cooking School



Improve and master your cooking skills with online courses singlehandedly created by highly awarded International three hat (18 points Gault et MILLAU) and Michelin Star Chef WALTER TRUPP. Each course provides easy step by step learning directly from The Chefs Table!

  • Introduction about history, industry secrets, chemistry and 3- Michelin star chef knowledge with voice over slide show
  • Chefs eye-view videos to explain every question you ever had and every day and fine dining recipes!
  • Chefs eye-view videos for every possible cooking technique and product handling related to the topic!
  • Recipe library with step by step photography plus endless information about the exact “How's” and “Why's”!

About Walter Trupp

Cook with one of the Best Chefs in the Industry!

Trupp Cooking Class

Stop the guess work and learn cooking skills and more importantly techniques, as techniques can make or break a recipe. Techniques are the important key to a successful dish. With these courses, you can learn all the master chef secrets from award-winning international chef Walter Trupp.

Originally from Austria, Walter became the youngest chef in the world to attain 18 points at the age of 25 in the prestigious French restaurant guide Gault Millau. Walter went on to perfect his craft working in several 2- and 3-Michelin-star restaurants around Europe before joining the triple-Michelin-star restaurateur Marco Pierre White as an Executive Head Chef of his restaurant group in London for five years.

The opportunity to move to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia arose in 2002, when Walter was appointed Head Chef at Langton’s Restaurant and Wine Bar in Flinders Lane, Melbourne city. After 3 years at Langton’s, some transformative years followed where Walter wrote cookbooks and developed his now-acclaimed skills as a short course cooking teacher for everyday home cooks as well as “MasterChef” and “My Kitchen Rules” contestants.

Walters teaching career spanning 14 plus years has seen him teach cooking at the Queen Victoria Market, the William Angliss Institute, Centre for Adult Education (CAE) plus food expo cooking classes and countless TV segments before establishing his own successful cooking school in 2011, known today as “Trupp- The Chefs Table,” based in South Yarra, Melbourne. Walter and his wife Anna Trupp with her background and extensive experience in Hospitality and Business Management, have together established Walters online presence and continue to run the successful hands-on cooking school “Trupp-The Chefs Table.”

By fully understanding a technique, cooking becomes easy, not to mention that the same technique can then be used for many other dishes. Most chefs will agree that a recipe is just as good as the chef, which in short means if you have little understanding of the product and lack technique, a recipe becomes guesswork and too often leads to failure or average results.

Join Walter in these online cooking courses and learn cooking from its foundation just like a top chef. Increase your technical skill, understand your produce and you will soon be cooking with ease and achieve fantastic results!

A Complete Learning Experience

Having worked hands on with home cooks for the past 14 years, these new online cooking courses are the combined product of the many questions asked, problems presented, and, solutions given to over 30,000 home cooks in countless face to face cooking classes.

Providing a complete learning experience, Walters approach to teaching cooking is unique and different.

  • First you will learn how an ingredient and technique work and what are all the possible pitfalls.
  • Then Walter will take you on a comprehensive and easy to understand A to Z cooking journey.
  • Finally, you will understand all the possible “How’s” and “Why’s” so that failure is not an option.

The days of guessing or trying to decipher partial information are over…. Completely customer focused, this course provides answers to all questions by teaching you how to understand;

  • Ingredients
  • Techniques
  • Cooking processes
  • Possible pitfalls

Designed for the novice to the experienced, students will have fun learning how to:

  • Make better food choices
  • Prepare the best tasting and healthiest of meals
  • Create dishes that improve your well-being and energy
  • Provide for a dinner party
  • Increase your cooking confidence
  • Become the master chef in your own home kitchen!

Invite a true master chef in your home kitchen today! You will have Walters teaching on repeat with chefs’ eye-view videos that you can watch again and again, accompanying PDF recipes with instruction and a plentiful step-by-step recipe library.

“Dedicated to bringing the chef out in you”

Walter Trupp


"I've been using The Chefs Table for the past few months, working my way through each of the subjects and coming back to my favourite recipes. I've cooked with Walter in person, so I know the level of passion and information he puts into his work. Now that Anna and Walter have taken that in person experience and made it available online, my favourite aspect of the videos is everything is made so simple, its explained really well and shown without overindulging like a lot of YouTube style videos. This is just great fun with cooking, realistic and accessible and with the addition of the 3-way cooking techniques, you can get real motivation and skills for how to take your dishes to the next level. I haven't cooked this often, this well and with this attention to detail ever before"

Doran McGregor

"In 2014 I participated in Walter’s Chef at Home program. This was a fantastic experience that heightened my appreciation of preparing and enjoying food. Now, watching these videos is just like being back in that kitchen. Walter talks as though you were in the room with him and his humour, warmth and love of cooking are very engaging. His approach is very practical and the hints he shares are special. I love setting up my iPad in the kitchen, watching the videos and cooking along with Walter. It’s also great to be able to print the recipes. I don’t have a favourite yet as there’s a huge number of recipes to work through; however all the curries have been fabulous, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the Seasonal Vegetables section at the moment. I love that I can print the recipes, make my shopping list easy. I highly recommend Walter’s cooking videos to both new and experienced cooks and look forward very much to exploring, cooking and tasting his recipes. I am so happy to be part of this venture and feel I am now set to cook for life. Well done Walter!"

Roslyn Gilchrist

"I have attended Walters cooking classes and recently signed up for the All- Access Chef at home monthly subscription online which has about 16 courses at the moment and growing including so much, from Curries to Desserts to Vegetables and cooking techniques just to name a few. Am absolutely loving it! I find the online classes surprising enjoyable compared to the hands-on classes which run for 3 to 5 hours each. I can watch a five-minute video whilst I cook and create a meal and do this seven day a week. Walters videos are really easy to follow with PDF recipes and they are not complicated at all. My dish actually turns out well so that’s saying something!"

Anna Wilson

"I have attended several classes over the last few years and every single one was an eye-opening experience in terms of things that you never ever get explained in recipes or tv shows. The classes are highly informative and fun, and Walter is an amazing instructor. With Covid 19 I have now also joined his all subscription chef@ home and I am learning so much and it’s great because I can watch the videos again and again plus all the recipes are also available in PDFs and for that price it’s a steal!"

Blair McMain